Ever since heaven placed me in my mom's lap, I have been safe. I have experienced my mom's gentle movements, I have rolled with her slow and fast walks, and I have been cherished through her breath and life. My time, from being in my mom's womb until now, has been like a peaceful and unhurried swing. As I grow up and discover the world, how I long to swing again!

We might receive a letter like this from our children who are not yet able to speak or who are speaking non-stop.

Swinging is like magic ritual that has lived a small life since baby has been created.

I would like to continue this magic in my daily routine, so with the arrival of my wonderful children in the world, the idea of fabric swing - which brings joy, special moments and feelings - was born.

Kārlis is our oldest who put a huge desire in me - to act, to create and to increase the beautiful.

Our Samantha is the youngest one and she is like cherry on the top, like a dot on the “i” - "everything has to start now!"

And this is how Kālis brand was born...

When you ask my son to spell his name - letter “r” is missing, and you know what? It doesn't have to be there as it is sign of childhood, sincerity and tenderness.

Bring joy to life, more laughter and smiles at home with the fabric swing “Kālis” made and created with 100% family love and all pieces of the swing are handmade. Together with my daughter we pick cotton fabric, my son and husband makes pine wood dowels, and me - my fingers make friends between thread, needle and fabric. Everything is put together with the greatest of love and care, packed with a smile on our face and sent to our customers so the little kid can swing and enjoy!

With love, Daiga
Founder of Kalis